AZM RULMAN A.S. electronic motors, motors, electric drives, electric motors, motor drives, reducers, endless screw reducers, crane drum reducers
Mehmet Erdiren Gear Industry MOER GEAR, gearbox, bevel gear, spur gear, helical gear, tractor gearbox, agricultural machine gearbox, construction machine gearbox
ERMAKSAN MAKINA DISLI YEDEK PARCA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Reducer, Coupling, Gear, Planetary gearhead, Elbow reducer, Feed mixer reducer, Pan mixer reducer, Twin shaft reducer
LT HIDROLIK LTD. STI. hydraulic, pneumatics, gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, planetary drives, mobile drives, slewing drivers, drivers
KONYA MOTOR MAGNETIC BRAKE IND. CO. LTD. brake, brake systems, crane brake, electric motor, electric motors, electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic brake, gearbox
VEK VERIMLI KOMPONENT LTD. STI. industrial components, electric motors, electric motor, elektromotorlar, speed control devices, motor gear units, drive systems, forward driving systems

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AEMOT is one of Turkey's most important manufacturers of electric motors, which has become a specialist in the field of electric motors. The production of the company is in Aksaray on 28,000 m2 closed area, Electric motors from type 63 to 315 body size, between 0.12 kW - 200 kW power ratings, 2-4- 6-8-10-12 pole AC three-phase electric motors are manufactured. In line with customer demands, special electric motors with mechanical and electrical measurements as well as a wide range of standard product types are manufactured. Having TS EN 60034-1, CE, ISO 9001: 2009 Quality System Certificate and certified by the TSE AEMOT motors are used in various industries in the country. They are used in all industrial products, custom manufactured milling machines, cranes, CNC machines, air and water pumps, gearbox, burners, air conditioning systems and compressors which need action and thus address many important manufacturing and industrial sectors such as mining, marble, feed mill, textile, ventilation, wood, food packaging, heating and cooling, construction and so on. Looking back, established in 1983, started the production process through patent agreement made with Siemens company, its potential to manufacture products of high quality formed a significant ground for the company to create and expand a portfolio for AEMOT brand at home and abroad. Today, incorporating AEMOT Motors, Altuntas Group continues its activities with the AEMOT brand in full capacity. AEMOT Motors has a policy of existence in the industry policy under three main headings; * Excellent quality of product and service with trained and experienced staff * Integration with technology and innovation * Timely and accurate delivery With these features, AEMOT products are domestically within the reach of many points through authorized dealers and are exported in significant numbers to mainly in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and other European countries as well as the Middle East and African countries. AEMOT conducts production and services focused strictly on the principle of "quality and customer satisfaction" in all stages. AEMOT's principle is to be an enterprise with the qualification of "responsible industrialist". Investment in human, flexible and dynamic structure raises customer satisfaction through outstanding products and service.
Firmamiz guclu, guvenli, kaliteli ilkeleriyle 1983 yilinda bobinaj atolyesi olarak sirketimizin kurucusu Mehmet KARASAKAL tarafindan kurulmustur. Aradan gecen yillarda firmamiz hizla buyuyerek, yillarin verdigi tecrube ve birikimlerle 1990 yilinda manyetik fren imalatina KARASAKAL MANYETIK olarak baslamistir.

Kisa surede buyuk mesafeler alan firmamiz 1998 yilinda KONYA MOTOR MAKINA VE MANYETIK FREN SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. olarak sirketlesmeyi basarmistir. Sirketimiz ilerleyen teknolojiye ayak uydurarak sektorunun onde gelen isimleri arasinda yerini almistir. Sirketimiz 2000 yilinda manyetik fren imalatinin yani sira sanayi tipi yuk asansor makinasi imalatinada baslamistir.
The company has been producing hydraulic couplings and spare parts for construction equipment with various power and sizes as well as SPUR GEAR, WORM GEAR, HELICAL GEAR, BEVEL GEAR, SPIRAL BEVEL GEAR, CHAIN WHEELS since 1975 to present. It manufactures wind turbine reducer, hydraulic power plant, turbine and mil, planet Gearboxes, concrete plant Gearboxes, Band Gearboxes, one-way lock, geared coupling, elastic coupling and every kind of gearboxes depending on customer demand. It provides services to wide range of customers in the country or abroad with its machinery of 230 machine in its indoor area of 8500 m2 and 130 qualified employees. Customer satisfaction is a subject on which we show sensitivity in the direction of principles of quality production and delivery in time.
Vek Verimli End.Komponent Ltd.Sti. the strength of the manufacturing industry in Turkey with 38 years of industry experience as VEK family we are a company that continues to transfer. VEK-Efficient Industrial Components Internal and External Tic. Ltd. STI; besides manufacturing industry, many industrial faults low and medium voltage standard and special type electric motors speed control devices and motor reducers and before and after sales services. In the sector where rational purchases are made, our company, experienced and engineer continues to be the solution partner of our industrialists with its weighted staff. Our company, Arcelik-Wat electric motors, Yilmaz Reduktorun, German integrated speed control device manufacturer Kostal and medium & high voltage soft-starter and Renle is the exclusive dealer of inverter. Finally, we need the strong, strong, low and medium 100% US-funded for Voltage Engines Regal-Marathon Electric Motors We started business with our company. With our experience and know-how, Regal Combining over 100 years of engine production capability, 110kW-11.000kW power range motors manufactured in accordance with the criteria of sales, pre-sale and after-sales services to the Turkish industrialists. Our company is the biggest in terms of competitors that offer the same service in the sector our technical staff and human resources in our world. Engineer and pre-sales and after-sales of our products with technician-focused kadromuz services.
KTC has been located in Istanbul/ TURKEY and has started its activities from 2018in order to provide projects in the field of Gas, Oil, Petrochemical, and steel industries, as well as other primary and secondary industries with a complete package of electrical and electromechanical devices and machinery as its main objective. As well as, this company has been registered as an authorized supplier in the approval vendor list of National Gas Company and National Oil Company to supplying power electricity equipment such as Power & Distribution Transformers, Generators, NGRs, PUMPs, and E.S.E Systems. Now, after passing 16 years, KTC is a Turkish exclusive agent of 4 following famous companies, and the commercial department in KTC serves clients with supplying, installing, and setting up all mentioned devices.
Our company was founded in 2000 as Mehmet Erdiren Gear Industry. We serve in a total of 5000 m2 area with 2000 m2 closed area. We are proud of serving our customers in a deliberate and experienced manner with our wide range of products. Our 35 years of experience in gear manufacturing combined with the latest technology methods and staff specialized in the field, we endeavor every day to give better service to our customers. Our company, which operates in the field of tractors, construction machinery and agricultural machinery, continues its path with the aim of minimum cost and maximum quality with new products every day. Based on the zero-error policy, we have adopted the principle of contributing to the national economy in today's competitive conditions with our state-of-the art CNC gear production machines, and it is our greatest goal to continue this as Mehmet Erdiren Disli Industry.
LT Hydraulic Machinery Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in 2005. Our Company present engineering and field experience over 20 years in hydraulic, pneumatic and automation industries